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Leverage our customized Managed Services solutions that offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities with an integrated approach, leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals.
OVERVIEW Adopt the cloud without management issues!

What are Managed Services?

Bulutistan Managed Services solutions allow you to get the maximum benefit from your IT processes by managing your cloud environments, including complex workloads in various clouds. Partially or fully manages an enterprise's cloud platform, including migration, maintenance, and optimization. In this way, it enables cloud resources to work efficiently.

It creates a custom plan that details the steps to create and operate an optimized cloud environment while evaluating the user's applications and data to identify the best cloud resources for the user's IT infrastructure.
Success Stories

“Demirören Teknoloji created its own cloud infrastructure with Bulutistan Private Cloud service and implemented the "CMS Consolidation" project.”

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Bulutistan Managed Services

"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Robust Infrastructure
Supported by 24-hour management and efficient network infrastructure, Bulutistan Managed Services monitors, scans, reports, updates patches and integrates network operations with your core business objectives with robust infrastructure support.
Integrated Services
Bulutistan Managed Services ensures that any cloud resource you choose connects seamlessly to your existing systems and provides seamless access for employees, users, and applications.
Scalability and Flexibility
Bulutistan Managed Services gives you full control over managing your cloud environments, allowing you to focus on your business.
Multi-Technology Specialization
Bulutistan Managed Services provides managed services for any cloud subscription that includes infrastructure, operating systems, applications, and databases.

Let's decide together on the most ideal Managed Services solution
for you.

Strengthening Compatibility

Ensure ongoing compliance with industry-standard custom policies or out-of-the-box security rules.

Simplify Financial Management

Track cloud usage and spending for continuous analysis by project, application, or cost center.

Automate Cloud Delivery

Accelerate service delivery with a modern developer platform that provides a self-service consumption experience in a multi-cloud environment.

Your Merging Applications

Get unified visibility and consistent operations for your infrastructure and platform services.

Managed Services Our Products

"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Public Cloud Management
It is a solution that works as an extension of your IT team to help you design, manage, optimize and secure workloads in the public cloud.
Multi Cloud Management
It is a solution that provides a single unified interface to manage multiple cloud services.
Hybrid Cloud Management
It is a solution that allows you to combine the management of hardware resources of multiple public clouds with a private cloud in an on-premises data center.
Operating Systems Management
It is a solution that provides services that we manage in the main operating systems in the market (Microsoft, Linux).
Database Management
A solution that allows you to move your databases to the cloud to manage your most ambitious innovation goals.
It is a managed solution that provides continuous performance monitoring and reporting across all cloud environments
It is a managed solution that allows you to upgrade your application development and deployment capabilities by inclusive of mission-critical software.
It's a managed solution that lets you build reliable IoT networks that collect data at scale and teach your business more about customers.
It is a managed solution that helps ensure cloud security at all layers of cloud environments, from the operating system to the application to the network.
Cloud Migration
It is a managed solution that helps you chart a new course for your IT environment, taking into account your technology, people, and business strategy with a comprehensive plan tailored for you, wherever you are on your cloud journey.
Cloud Optimization
It offers a comprehensive monitoring service to provide real-time visibility, remediation support, and infrastructure improvements. It is a managed solution that allows you to extract insights from your data to isolate problems and root causes while improving ongoing performance.
Why Bulutistan Managed Services?
Bring your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!
Professional Support
When planning your cloud management, it has an expert staff who will work with you to find the right solution..
Flexible Resources
Flexible resource management that allows you to scale your managed service needs at any time.
20+ Corporate References
The Managed Services solution is preferred by more than 20 corporate enterprises in 15 different sectors including healthcare, production, and informatics.
Your IBM Beacon Award-Winning Partner
Producing unique cloud transition projects for hundreds of corporate customers with IBM Power-based private cloud architectures, Bulutistan is the only domestic technology company to be awarded the IBM Beacon 2020 Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world and described as the Oscars of the IT industry.

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"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
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"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
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