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Trust Turkey's Native Cloud Provider
Bulutistan to move your business to the Cloud


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Trust Turkey's Native Cloud Provider
Bulutistan to move your business to the Cloud


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Trust Turkey's Native Cloud Provider
Bulutistan to move your business to the Cloud


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Trust Turkey's Native Cloud Provider
Bulutistan to move your business to the Cloud

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About Bulutistan
Turkey's most innovative cloud provider focusing on innovative technological solutions
We are a boutique cloud computing platform focused on increasing IT service exports.
We are a 500-person cloud computing platform with our expert team and strategic solution partners.
To be the first “UNICORN” cloud service provider from Turkey.
We work with more than 1000 companies/holdings that are considered industry leaders in the corporate business world.
Bulutistan, which came to life in 2015, draws its strength from its subject-oriented team structure.
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Bulutistan Cloud
Cloud Services
Leverage our Cloud services that enable you to plan, design, migrate, secure, operate and optimize the infrastructure running your business critical applications
Managed Services
Leverage our customized Managed Services solutions that offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities with an integrated approach, leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals.
Value Added Solutions
Bulutistan helps businesses quickly maximize the value you get from the cloud by providing highly effective and reliable cloud computing services that give businesses a competitive advantage.
Bulutistan helps you plan, design, migrate and secure the infrastructure that runs your critical business applications.

Why Bulutistan?
We make innovation
easy for our customers
Unlimited options with the use of container-based (serverless) servers as topology.
Hyper/converged architecture with high speed IOPS/SAPS service
Pay as you go with no commitment contract
Based on years of experience that draws its strength from the team structure focused on its subject
Take advantage of the rich technological infrastructure of Bulutistan IaaS Cloud Services, access enterprise-grade technology instantly and scale your capacity to meet your needs by paying for computing, storage and network resources only as you use them.
Host all application components on the Bulutistan Platform as a Service infrastructure and significantly reduce your production times. Meet our PaaS Service now for ready-to-use programming components that increase your productivity and allow you to add new capabilities to your software.
Thanks to the Bulutistan Storage as a service, which can expand unlimitedly according to your needs and is easily managed with s3 protocol supported API services, you can safely store all your data with the advantage of high cost and the comfort of accessing from anywhere.
We are aware of how valuable the data streams that carry your corporate memory are to you. Ensure your business continuity with our Disaster Recovery services, which ensure that all your systems survive with RPO and RTO values that will minimize business loss in a possible disaster scenario.
With the Bulutistan Backup as a Service service designed with Veritas NetBackup and Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure, you can easily back up all your data inventory, including SAP HANA, on your private cloud platform and pay only for what you use.
Empower your business with cloud server products that have the advantage of hyper-converged infrastructure, expandable resources and TL pricing that respond to a wide variety of workloads such as data processing, warehousing, development and application hosting on Nutanix certified architecture.
Automatically scale your computing services and web applications, run them securely, and guarantee high security with application isolation with Bulutistan Container as a Service, which makes it easy for developers to build, deploy, manage and scale applications.
All institutions that want to manage their server infrastructure, built with hyper-integrated architectures on cloud-based infrastructure, scalable resource management and the advantage of paying only for the planned resource, bring all the advantages of cloud technology to your server with Bulutistan VPS services.
With our Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) solutions that do not compromise flexibility while strengthening cloud technologies with physical server customizations, you can immediately have the server infrastructure your business needs and maximize sustainability in case of instant or periodic resource fluctuations.
With our Bulutistan Database As A Service solutions; MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Mongo, TimeScale etc. Perform all the management needs of your open source databases on a single platform and provide your business with easy access to database services without worrying about managing software or infrastructure.
With our Bulutistan Security as A Service solutions that help you outsource cyber security to the cloud, provide secure access to applications and services, control all your connections, strengthen and secure your networks and information systems against intrusion attempts with the latest security tools and updates.
With the Bulutistan SAP HANA solution, which meets all the needs of the SAP HANA architecture and focuses on maximizing your In memory performance, get results in the most complex database transactions in milliseconds and only pay for what you use.
Meet business-critical demands, minimize system downtime and keep costs under control while providing enterprise-grade backup and recovery for SAP HANA environments with BulutistanSAP S/4 HANA Backup.
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Take control of cloud environments from a single interface with our Bulutistan Multi Cloud Management solutions that help you manage applications and workloads in different public clouds.
Streamline work for your DevOps and NetOps teams with our Bulutistan Hybrid Cloud Management solutions that help you design, manage, optimize and secure workloads with unlimited scalability in the hybrid cloud.
Leverage end-to-end support with our Bulutistan Public Cloud Management solutions that help you design, manage, optimize and secure workloads in the public cloud by working as an extension of your IT team.
Streamline all your data analysis and business intelligence efforts with our Bulutistan Database Management solutions that enable the growing amount of data your business collects to perform at its best.
With our Bulutistan Cloud Monitoring solutions; Monitor, analyze and report on the availability and performance of your websites, servers, applications and other cloud infrastructures.
Solve the problem of deploying containers individually, manage software containers using OS-level virtualization with our Bulutistan Container Management solutions that automate the creation, deployment and scaling of containers.
Benefit from end-to-end support with our Bulutistan Cloud Migration solutions that help migrate all or part of an IT infrastructure from on-premises to cloud environments, consisting of components such as databases, servers, and network equipment.
While adhering to cloud governance standards with our Bulutistan Cloud Optimization solutions; automate processes, optimize resource consumption and your spending costs.
Eliminate existing or new cyber threats by providing real-time monitoring and event analysis with our Bulutistan Cloud Security solutions that help you address the end-to-end cycle of an event or threat.
Make it seamless to connect, manage, and secure different IoT devices and applications with Bulutistan IoT, providing the underlying infrastructure, servers, and storage needed to collect, store, and analyze real-time data.
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Provide threat detection and alerting to support incident response activities with Bulutistan IDS, the cornerstone of a solid cloud security strategy. Instantly notify your IT staff when an attack or network intrusion occurs.
İşletmelerin sistem ve uygulamalarını hedef alan olası tehditleri algılayan, güvenlik açığı istismarlarını tespit eden, ağı güvenli tutmak için tehdit düzeyini en aza indiren ve gerçek zamanlı olarak saldırıları durduran bir çözüm olan Bulutistan IPS ile işletmenizin güvenliğini sağlayın.
Kurumsal web uygulamalarınızı artan siber güvenlik ihlali veya kötü niyetli saldırı riskinden korumanız gerektiğinde Bulutistan WAF ile web sitesi hack'lerini ve DDoS saldırılarını durdurarak gerçek zamanlı koruma sağlayın.
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Bulutistan, işletmeniz için Uygulama Güvenliği ile geliştirme ve tasarımı sırasında ortaya çıkan güvenlik endişelerinin yanı sıra verilerin veya kodların çalınmasını veya ele geçirilmesini önlemek için uygulama düzeyinde kullanılan bir güvenlik çözümü sunar.
With Bulutistan DLP Monitoring, it offers solutions designed to ensure that sensitive data collected by businesses is kept safe, not misused, lost and not accessed by unauthorized users.
Bulutistan offers a specially designed anti-malware solution for your business with Server Security, which provides advanced and real-time protection against viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits and other malware.
Bulutistan Cloud Security; It lets you get the expertise you need with security monitoring, reporting and technical support, and lets you see and stop threats before they harm your business.
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
7 years with boutique service and customer satisfaction
Bulutistan in Numbers
Total Customers
50 PB+
Total Data Volume (PB)
%99.9 +
Total SLA
Overseas Services
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Get in touch with our expert Cloud team for the most suitable cloud solution for your business needs and budget.
Success Stories
Boyner Grup Sap Hana Infrastructure Moved to Bulutistan with 100% Success.
Boyner Group, which manages its current business volume with SAP ERP, was receiving support from 2 different suppliers with different SLA levels for the Boyner project, which is one of the largest SAP projects in Europe in the retail sector it was managing before its cooperation with Rasyona and Bulutistan.
Boyner / IT General Manager A.
“Making a smooth transition of a capacity of this size overnight is a true success story. We aim to increase the cost advantage we achieved from the first day in the medium and long term. We are also implementing our new term projects in Bulutistan.”
Technology Center Contents
What is Cloud? The Role of Cloud Technologies in Data Storage, Backup and Management
Widely used, cloud; It means a concept that lets you back up files, share photos and access countless apps from your smartphone, but that's only a small part of the story.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the cloud journey for you.
What is Infastracture as a Service? What are the benefits of the IaaS Service?

Within the scope of Bulutistan IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services, you can receive high technology and hardware infrastructures as well as basic computing, virtual server, storage, backup and security services as cloud computing service type. Thanks to its regulatory compliance, scalable, high accessibility and flexibility features, you can use as many resources as you need, and you can save costs with the pay-as-you-use advantage. Bulutistan IaaS services; Compared to cloud providers in the market, one of the most important differences is that all the resources you use are dedicated to you. The CPU, RAM, disk space you use is not shared, and it is opened exclusively for you, behind dedicated security systems, completely dedicated to you. Thus, the services provide you with a high performance advantage.

You can monitor the resources you receive from Bulutistan as an IaaS service with our Virtual Data Center Platform (SVM), fulfill your requests, and easily manage your systems.

Which Services can I get from Bulutistan as IaaS?

Bulutistan IaaS Services; It is offered to our customers with very high capacity and hardware configured with Hyper-convergenced architecture. You can get virtual server, storage, backup, network components and security services from Bulutistan within the scope of IaaS services, with a fully dedicated structure and high accessibility level.

How long does it take to install Bulutistan IaaS Services?

The installation of Bulutistan IaaS services is completed within a maximum of 24 hours.

How can I find out the prices for Bulutistan IaaS Services?

To contact our Bulutistan Corporate Sales team, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

What additional security services can I get as a service while purchasing IaaS services from Bulutistan?

In case you receive IaaS service in Bulutistan infrastructure, your virtual servers are located behind dedicated firewalls. In addition, our backup service is additionally provided to our customers in all of our IaaS projects. Our 5 data centers in Turkey have all certificates related to security and regulations. In addition, if you request our security services such as IPS, IDS, WAF, DDOS attack prevention, you can quickly get them as a service from Bulutistan.

Can I get internet service at the speed I demand, together with Iaas services from Bulutistan?

In our data centers, together with our IaaS service, we can provide our customers with high speed and dedicated capacity internet access.

I am receiving MPLS service from another operator. Do other operators have fibers in your Data Centers?

Yes. ISPs in Turkey have fibers in our data centers. You can terminate your MPLS line in our data center of your choice.

Can I get "Server Hosting" service from your Bulutistan Data Centers?

As Bulutistan, we provide private cloud services to our customers, besides our IaaS services; We are developing PaaS as part of SaaS. We do not provide Server Hosting service.

Can I get an additional Backup service when I get IaaS service from Bulutistan?

Yes. Our Bulutistan Backup service is offered to our customers without demand, together with our virtual server service.

Do you have a platform where I can monitor my Bulutistan IaaS resources?

With our Bulutistan Virtual Data Center (SVM) software platform, you can monitor your resources, perform your capacity increase and decrease requests, and manage your resources.

Can you communicate your SLA period to your customers?

Service Level Commitment (SLA) regulates the rules regarding the quality level of Data Center Services offered to Bulutistan customers. The annual rate of Bulutistan SLA is 99.9%.

I am a Bulutistan customer, how can I reach your support services?

As Bulutistan customers, you can send your notifications (breakdown, complaint), change requests, questions and suggestions regarding your problems related to cloud computing Services to our support line and e-mail address with the contact information below, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone from anywhere in Turkey: +90 850 222 85 88
E-Mail Address:
Web Address:

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