Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) Informational Text

This document has been prepared for the purpose of fulfilling the obligation to inform the data subject about the processing of personal data (all kinds of information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person such as his name, address, telephone number, email address) (“Personal Data”) provided to and/or collected by ICT Bulut Bilişim Inc. (“Bulutistan”) as “Data Controller” pursuant to the Law and on your rights relating to these within the framework of 10th article of Law No.6698 on the Protection of personal Data (“The Law”).  

Data Controller within the scope of the Law in terms of processing of Personal Data is ICT Bulut Bilişim Inc., sited at Göztepe Mahallesi, Begonya Caddesi No: 38 A43b Göksu Evleri Sitesi 34815 Beykoz-Istanbul Turkey address. Thusly, your Personal Data is processed and stored by Bulutistan in accordance with the Law.


Bulutistan may process your Personal Data for the purposes such as storing personal data pursuant to the mandatory/necessary/useful procedures within the Law, being required by Bulutistan for product and/or service supply, being required to provide services to the customers of Bulutistan under the contract,  registering the identity information, address, tax number and other information in order to determine the owner and addressee of all kinds of business and procedures to be carried out within the scope of these, issuing information and documents supporting the businesses and procedures to be carried out on paper or in electronic environment.


Personal Data is collected verbally, in writing or in electronic environment by Bulutistan through all kinds of tools and channels in line with the abovementioned purposes within the scope of Bulutistan providing products and/or services to its customers and/or establishing and exercising contractual or noncontractual commercial relations with TREO for any reason and on the basis of legal reasons for Bulutistan fulfilling its obligations arising from contracts and legislations fully and properly within this framework. The Personal Data collected for these legal reasons is processed and transferred by Bulutistan also for the purposes indicated in this text in accordance with the fundamental principles stipulated by the Law within the scope of Personal Data processing conditions and purposes laid down in the 5th and 6th articles of the Law.     
Bulutistan will collect the Personal Data only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and may retain it throughout the periods needed for the Personal Data processing purposes explained in the relevant section above, and will not process the Personal Data in a manner incompatible with the purposes of its collection indicated in the Law and herein; and upon disapparence of the reasons that require its processing, the personal data will be erased, destroyed or anonymized ex officio by the data controller upon the request of the data subject without prejudice to mandatory legal retention periods.


Personal Data can be transferred by Bulutistan, in order to accomplish abovementioned data processing purposes, to its business partners, customers, suppliers and producers, directly or indirectly to its affiliates at home/abroad, Bulutistan officials, its in-house departments, shareholders, internal and external auditors and contracted independent audit firms, legal advisors, other third parties that it receives or plans to receive consultancy, support or service, third parties that it receives or plans to receive consultancy, support or service on other  matters (including cloud computing service providers that might have servers in place in various countries), competent institutions and organizations and private persons within the framework of Personal Data processing conditions and purposes laid down in 8th and 9th articles of the Law for the purposes of Bulutistan’s compliance process, legal, financial, tax-related audits, and can be processed at home or abroad, and the said Personal Data can also be shared by Bulutistan over other channels.   


Data Subject has the right to apply to Bulutistan and to;
•    learn whether his Personal Data has been processed or not,
•    in case his personal data has been processed, request information regarding this, 
•    learn the purpose of his Personal Data processing and whether this data is used for the intended purposes,
•    learn any third parties, at home or abroad, to whom his Personal Data has been transferred,
•    request the rectification of the incompletely or inaccurately processed data, if any,
•    request his personal data to be deleted/destroyedin accordance with the conditions set forth in 7th Article of the Law,
•    request that third parties to whom the Personal Data is transferred are notified of any procedures carried out pursuant to (d) and (e) above,
•    object to any results that are detrimental to him as a consequence of the analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems,
•    request creimbursement for any kind of loss incurred due to unlawful processing of his Personal Data.

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