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Provide predictable performance for any workload with our easily scalable Private Cloud solutions that address the needs and goals of a single business and take advantage of advanced automation to eliminate manual tasks.
OVERVIEW Empower your business with a private cloud solution

What is Private Cloud?

Bulutistan Private Cloud solutions are a private cloud architecture solution that allows you to efficiently develop new applications on-premises and run your existing workloads in a modernized environment.
Success Stories

“Demirören Teknoloji created its own cloud infrastructure with Bulutistan Private Cloud service and implemented the "CMS Consolidation" project.”

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Bulutistan Private Cloud Technologies

"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Security and Compliance
Bulutistan Private Cloud works with secure access protocols. It is fully compliant with industry data security norms, SSL compliance and data governance principles to provide a secure hosting environment.
Cost Advantage
Bulutistan Private Cloud is based on the pay-as-you-go cloud computing model to prevent wasted capacity and enable you to access resources as needed.
Bulutistan Private Cloud is fully configurable by businesses using the solution. This means stakeholders can identify the exact environment needed to run custom applications.
Hybrid Integration
When an application needs additional computing resources, Bulutistan Private Cloud extends the resources of the private cloud to a public cloud to maintain uptime without the need to install additional physical servers.

Let's decide together on the most ideal Private Cloud solution
for you.

Workload Mobility

Run and optimize workloads in the best location and on the best infrastructure without major rework. Enable both migrating to the cloud without redesigning applications and scaling your environment to other cloud deployment types.

Mission Critical Applications

Protect and run legacy and mission critical applications where it makes the most sense.

Data Center Expansion

Develop cloud-native applications in an environment similar to your on-premises environment with secure cloud capacity and managed private cloud services without adding hardware.

Business Continuity

Build resilience and protect against data loss with solutions that work remotely, including disaster recovery, offsite data backup and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote data center management, all in a virtual private cloud.

High-Performance Computing

Optimize the performance of low-latency and compute-intensive applications and workloads.

Security and Compliance

Optimize your governance, security, and compliance requirements by running each workload in its best environment. Avoid exposing your business to increased risk through forced and possibly unnecessary transitions or modernizations.

Private Cloud Products

"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
Platform as a Service
(PaaS Cloud Services)
It is a practical and economical application development platform where you do not have to configure the infrastructure requirements you need in your application development processes.
Infrastructure as a Service
(IaaS Cloud Services)
While providing world-class services with container technologies, it is a solution that allows you to get rid of costs and complex business needs with its rich technological infrastructure.
Storage as a Service
It is designed as a holistic solution that combines the priorities of speed, security and economy for all long-term data storage needs of your business.
Disaster Recovery as a Service
It is designed to minimize the risk of interruption or loss of your data streams in a possible disaster scenario.
Backup as a Service
(Cloud Backup Service)
It is an enterprise backup solution that provides redundancy and replication using Veritas NetBackup and Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure on cloud architecture.
Cloud Servers
It is a new generation virtual server solution with hyper-integrated infrastructure, expandable resources and TL pricing advantages on a certified server architecture, all built with Nutanix.
Container as a Service
Provides an application environment where developers can build and deploy applications and manage cloud services responsible for content and infrastructure allocation.
Why Bulutistan Private Cloud?
Bring your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!
Deloitte Technology Fast: Turkey's Fastest Growing Technology Company
In the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list, which determines the fastest growing technology companies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, Bulutistan is the first in Turkey and the 20 fastest growing technology companies in the region.
5 Different Geographical Locations
The largest cloud server hosting network that responds to business continuity needs with 5 different geographical locations, including continent-independent alternatives, over Equnix Network
100% KVKK Compliant Cloud Technologies
Bulutistan offers infrastructures that are fully compliant with the Law on Protection of Personal Data, with storage environments that can all be encrypted through data centers located in Turkey.
Your IBM Beacon Award-Winning Business Partner
Bulutistan, which produces unique cloud transition projects for hundreds of corporate customers with IBM Power-based private cloud architectures, is the only domestic technology company to be deemed worthy of the IBM Beacon 2020 Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world and described as the Oscars of the IT industry.

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"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
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"Move your business to the cloud with Bulutistan, the choice of the best!"
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