Founded in 2015, Bulutistan is the leading technology company with a 50 percent market share in the field of cloud technologies in the Turkish market, with its innovative cloud computing services offered from local data centers in compliance with the regulations. Headquartered in Istanbul Turkey, Bulutistan provides value-added cloud services as a cloud computing operator focused on increasing IT service exports as the first company from Turkey to integrate into the Equinix Global Connection (Cloud Exchange) Network. There are 5 data centers in 3 provinces in Turkey, and more than 60 countries abroad connect to Bulutistan's data centers in Turkey and receive service. With in-depth expertise in SAP Cloud solutions, Bulutistan offers high-performance, highly accessible and managed SAP services to organizations across Turkey and Europe.

Today, Bulutistan provides cloud services to more than 350 companies in Turkey's 500 largest companies, more than 600 organizations among the top 1000 institutions, and 16 of the 20 largest holdings. The fast-growing innovative company received two important investments from Ak Portfolio at the end of 2020 and from Sabancı Ventures in April 2022. Bulutistan, which was selected as the fastest growing technology company in Turkey by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey Program in 2020, ranked 20th among the fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region in the Deloitte EMEA FAST 500 list in 2019. It also won the 2020 IBM Beacon Award for its Outstanding Services Driving Customer Innovation and Transformation.

On the other hand, Bulutistan focuses on the CSA STAR certificate it has; It is accepted as a company of global standards that provides the first class service quality and high security offered by the world's giant cloud service providers. We are a cloud computing platform of 500 people in total, providing experienced service together with our more than 100 employees who are very experienced in their field and our strategic solution partners with whom we act together in our ecosystem.

We mainly work in sectors such as Production, Distribution, Retail, Education, Energy, which are dynamic, focused on digital transformation and trying to gain competitiveness. Cloud computing services support companies' investments with a pay-as-you-use model at the center of digital transformation, making it easier to implement them.

The First Hourly Billing Service in Turkey with the
'Pay As You Go' Model!

At the same time, we know that hosting and managing internet space for a growing number of institutions' web addresses is challenging. With our Website Hosting service, we offer internet domain hosting services for all websites to institutions. Bulutistan helps the web addresses, which are the faces of the institutions on the internet, to work with high accessibility, so that their communication with their customers on the internet continues continuously and with high quality.

Being the first and only service provider to offer services with the new generation integrated "Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) - Simplivity" technologies it has invested in cloud services infrastructure, Bulutistan strives to achieve excellence in the service quality it offers to its customers.

Total SLA
Services Abroad
Total Customers
50 PB+
Total Data Volume (PB)
Bulutistan Family
Bulutistan CEO & Co-founder
Begim Basligil
Board Member & Chief Sales Officer
Gökhan Gençtürk
Executive Board Member
Mutlu Ataç
Executive Board Member
Altuğ Eker
Executive Board Member
Önder Şahin
Executive Board Member
Ekrem Sekman
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Vision & Mission
Our Vision
To be the first “UNICORN” cloud service provider from Turkey.
Our Mission
The most innovative cloud technologies and the most innovative business models; Establishing the organization that can provide it to every corner of the world, trying to understand the needs of the customer and responding with the highest level of service, constantly increasing the variety of services.
Our Core Values
We are honest
We stand behind what we have committed to our customers and business partners with Bulutistan services and service level. We don't make commitments we can't deliver. We build our relationships on real data.
We Keep Our Promise
Every employee of Bulutistan knows that his word is the word of Bulutistan in every environment where he represents Bulutistan and is aware that he speaks on behalf of his company. Our word is our commitment.
We are humble
No matter how big Bulutistan grows, our customers and business partners will be our most valuable asset. He will always be respectful of his opponents.
We Are Open to Development
Bulutistan will always follow the most innovative developments in line with its founding purpose and will be the first company to offer this to its customers.
Our Policies
Quality policy
We implement an effective quality management system by constantly improving our processes.
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Information Security Policy
Bulutistan is responsible for meeting the "Information Security" requirements for its employees, partners and suppliers, both for its services and information assets, and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of its customers' information assets.
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Service Management Policy
The purpose of the Service Management Policy is to strive for a higher level of maturity in all the services we provide, to achieve high customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
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Customer Satisfaction Policy
As Bulutistan, we put customer satisfaction at the center of our business; With the strength we derive from our values of "Honesty", "Keeping Our Promise", "Modesty" and "Hunger for Development", we work to continuously improve the experience we provide to our customers and to continuously increase the added value we offer to our customers.
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