Established in 2015, Bulutistan is the fastest growing technology company in the last four years with its innovative IT services rendered from local data centres that comply with regulations. Bulutistan, with principal office located in Istanbul/Turkey, provides value-added cloud services as a boutique cloud computing platform focused on increasing information services export as the first company integrated into Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric from Turkey. Bulutistan, having in-depth expertise in SAP solutions, offers high-performance, high-availability managed SAP services to enterprises across Turkey and Europe. Bulutistan, named as the fastest growing technology company of Turkey by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2019 Program, is the prize winner of 2020 IBM Beacon Award with its Extraordinary Service Driving Customer Innovation and Transformation.
We are a cloud computing platform with a total of 100 people offering versed services together with over 40 highly experienced team members and strategic solution partners that we act together in our ecosystem.
We work mainly in sectors that act dynamically, focused on digital transformation and trying to gain competitive advantage such as Production, Distribution, Retail, Education and Energy.
Today, we work with more than 300 companies or holdings that are considered the leaders of their sectors in the corporate world. Today, new norms started to emerge due to the pandemic and especially the digital transformation of companies has inevitably accelerated. Cloud computing services, at the very centre of this transformation, make it easy for companies to realize their investments by supporting them with pay as you go model.





The First Hourly Billing Service in Turkey with “Pay as you Go Model”!

We also know that hosting and managing domains for continually increasing number of web addresses of organisations is challenging.  We are offering domain hosting services to organisations for all their websites with our web hosting services.   Bulutistan is helping web addresses, which are the face of organisations on the internet, to operate at high accessibility, and thus is helping its customers to communicate over the internet without interruption and with quality.  

Bulutistan, holding the title of being the first and only service provider offering services with the new generation integrated “Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) - Simplivity” technologies with the investments made in cloud Services infrastructure, is working towards achieving perfection in the quality of services it offers to its customers. 

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